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College Expense Ready?

College not only deepens your knowledge, but it can also deepen your debt.  Are you set?

Peoples FCU partnered with Sallie Mae to help offer a good option to help you pay for college expenses.  Once options such as federal loans and scholarships have been exhausted, the Smart Option Student Loan® by Sallie Mae® can help fill the gap. 

Find out more and apply here.

Financial Literacy Month

April is termed as National Financial Literacy Month.

In celebration of this event (as well as in any month), let us hear from you! 
What financial subject would you like to hear more about?  How could we better help/serve you?  We are committed to consistently helping you, our members.





Create Savings!

Daylight isn't the only thing that can be saved! 

Spring is a time for renewal and rejuvenation; and money is such a delicate commodity that can use some saving these days.  Check out our loan rates on autos and more to see how we can save you money.  Refinancing a loan with us could also help revive your savings.

Rejuvenate your account(s) with us for we are here to serve our members and communities by helping you the best we can!

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