Peoples 24/7 FAQ


Getting started with Peoples 24/7

To sign up, we will need an application completed and signed by the main member on the account, along with an email address.  (NOTE: if you requested a password reset from us, the process below is similar.)

       - You'll receive an email from our system with a link that will take you to the site.  Enter the information
         requested, and you will receive a temporary password.

       - You can write that password down, or you can copy and paste it by highlighting it with your
         computer's mouse, right-clicking it, and selecting Copy.

       - Now close that little Token Claim window and go to the login page for Peoples 24/7 on our website.
         DO NOT ENTER PASSWORD YET.  First, enter your login ID (member/account number); now you 
         can enter the temporary password or right-click in password box to select Paste (should paste 
         temporary password in box).  Click login.

Just a little more information and you're almost finished.

       - When prompted, enter a secret phrase.  This phrase is how our system will identify itself to you so
         do not use anything like your password.

       - Next, you will be prompted to choose three (3) security questions and answers.  You can click the
         arrow to the right of each question to pick different ones.

       - If you check the box that says "Register this PC", you will only need your login ID and password 
         (no questions or phrase) next time you login Peoples 24/7 from same computer.

       - Lastly, you will see some disclosures to accept e-statements and e-notices.  If you would still prefer
         to receive these by post office mail, just contact us.  (For e-statements, you'll need to allow our site 
         in any pop-up blockers and have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.)

Options such as Billpay, credit card, inquiries, transfers (transactions), and others are on the home screen as seen below.  All are just one click away!

Scheduled Transfers

You can schedule our system to make your transfers and loan payments automatically at weekly, monthly, or other frequencies.

OFX Files for Quicken & Microsoft Money

 Open Financial Exchange files can be imported from Quicken or Microsoft Money, and we'll still have CSV files for use with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Regulation D for transactions.

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