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April - National Credit Union Youth Month

Peoples FCU "Dino" Mite Youth Account

Benefits of joining
Peoples FCU Youth Account
Newborn - 17

  • Joining Gift
  • Dividends paid (current regular savings rate)
  • Share Certificates* (minimum deposit of $250)
    * Early withdrawal penalties apply
Beginning at 5 years of age member will receive a birthday card and gift from the credit union. This will end following the age of seventeen (17).

A first-time loan will be available for young people age 16 through 17 with one qualified co-signer. Maximum loan allowed under this program will be $2,500

Access Coloring Page

Print and color "Celebrate Youth Month Coloring Page". Bring to your Peoples FCU location and we will share a dinosaur egg with you!

Teach Youth How to Save, Spend Share

Peoples Federal Credit Union invites you to take your kids on a Jurassic journey to financial wellness.

The Save, Spend, Share plan, is a helpful tool for teaching kids the fundamentals of finance, including:
  1. Value of money
  2. The importance of saving for the future
  3. The joy of sharing

All you have to do is help your child divide their income into three buckets—one for spending, one for saving, and one for giving away to others. Then decide what percentage of each dollar earned you want to put into each bucket. Sources of money may be allowance, Birthday / Christmas gift, or money earned from a job (e.g. mowing lawn or baby sitting).

By the time kids reach adulthood, they should be in the habit of regularly saving a portion of their income. Financially healthy adults typically save 20 to 25 percent, spend around 70 percent, and give the rest to charity. Since kids don’t have bills to pay, they can afford to save a little more—you could start them out spending half, saving 30 percent, and sharing the remainder. Or make it an even 40/40 split between the spending and saving buckets.

What makes the Spend, Save, Share plan such a great learning tool for kids? For starters, it’s something they can use their entire lives. As they grow older and their income grows along with them, they can easily adapt the formula to suit their needs. Dollar amounts may fluctuate over time, but a percentage-based budget can always stay the same. Plus, it teaches them how to live within their means no matter how much money they make.

Spend—50 percent
Spending is a mindset. If kids get used to blowing every penny of their earnings right away, there’s a good chance they’ll carry this habit into adulthood. The Spend, Share, Save plan helps get them acclimated to the idea of spending only a portion of each dollar. That’s a financially healthy mindset that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Save—30 percent
Kids learn a lot from the act of saving money. Not only will they come to appreciate the sense of security that comes from always having some financial reserves on hand, but saving up for their goals teaches them powerful lessons about delayed gratification. With your guidance, kids can learn to make smart decisions about when and how they use their savings.

Share—20 percent
Sharing is all about the feels. When your child’s compassion gets triggered by someone in need, their share bucket empowers them to lend a hand and do some good in the world. Kids naturally love helping others. Having the means to give helps instill a sense of efficacy and confidence in their ability to make a difference.

Be creative! Adjust to age of child... from sharing play money to investing into college savings programs. Together establish positive financial goals and model sound financial behaviors.

The Spend, Save, Share plan is a simple and powerful way to help your kids develop good money habits. By teaching them to divide their earnings into these three buckets, you can lay the foundation for a financially healthy future.

Create your own Dinosaur themed "Save, Spend, Share" containers.

You may download the labels below or create your own!

You may use plastic containers (as in sample to the right), Pringles cans, mason jars, coffee containers or whatever you desire.

Design however you wish! We encourage creativity!

Please use form below to share photos of your finished product!
We will share on social media.

Save, Spend, Share Printable Labels

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