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Peoples FCU Member Preferred Club

Members Preferred Club


Peoples Federal Credit Union (PFCU) will offer preferred dividend and lending rates to members who use more of our services and sign up for this club.


  • Offer to members a 50 basis point discount on all new and used auto, RV, lawn, tractor and farm equipment loans.
    Example: A new auto loan with an APR of 7.00% would qualify for an APR of 6.50%.
  • Club members will receive 10 basis points add to their APY on regular and IRA share certificates for the term opted.
    Example: A share certificate with an APY of 3.15% would be increased to 3.25%
  • Members age 55+ would qualify for one (1) FREE box of checks annually (Note: One per household).


  • PFCU membership.
  • A PFCU share draft (Checking) account
  • One of the following:
    1. Bill Pay
    2. Instant Cash Line of Credit
    3. Home Equity Line of Credit
    4. Enroll in Peoples 24/7 and receive e-statements
  • Current and future loans must be directed to be on direct pay or transfer.
  • Payroll deposit (where applicable), retirement or Social Security (SSI) payments must be direct deposited to PFCU.
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